“When it comes to leadership — how to exercise it, how to develop it — Sally Bickford is a pro.  She’s earned her bona fides in the nonprofit sector the honest way — as a hardworking volunteer, devoted staff member, and powerful board chair.   Her advice is always clear, insightful, and grounded in the practical realities of the work at hand.”

Bob Dandrew
Director, Partners for Climate Action, The New World 

I’ve worked with John Terrio for almost 20 years. When the fundraising landscape took a dramatic turn in 2020, I reconnected with John and hired him for his fundraising skills. John’s tenacity, creativity, energy and authentic desire to give back were game changing for us! He went above and beyond and over delivered in a fundraising landscape that was the most challenging I’ve seen in my 30 years in philanthropy. I cherish my friendship and working relationship with John Terrio and will keep him close to the vest!

Carla Tardif
CEO, Family Reach

Sally is an optimistic, visionary, out-of-the-box thinker who is laser focused on mission and how to achieve it.  Her past experiences and connections combined with her commitment to a cause and can-do spirit made her an amazing co-host for an event we chaired together.  Her energy and enthusiasm command the room and raise the bar on raising money.

Kit Lilly 

We are so grateful for your partnership each year on Berklee’s Annual Encore Gala, our signature fundraising event. Your consultations leading up to the event always prove to be invaluable. We appreciate the extensive experience that you and your team bring to our conversations to guide our decision making. This was especially critical as we transitioned to a virtual format the last two years. Thanks to your guidance, both the auction and fund-a-future components of the Berklee Gala are always a tremendous success and also important revenue generators toward our goal. You are such a pleasure to work with John and we appreciate your sense of humor and creativity. I highly recommend your services both as a consultant and auctioneer and wish you muchcontinued success.With thanks and appreciation

Beverly Tryon
AVP, Institutional Advancement